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Community Sustainability Initiative

Beacon Hill at Eastgate

Embracing sustainability practices aligns with Beacon Hill at Eastgate’s responsibility to protect the local, regional, and global environment and ensure a healthier future or residents and our broader Eastgate community.

Beacon Hill acknowledges the important connections between our mission, resident, and community wellness, and environmental stewardship. We are embarking on a venture to build and implement a well-considered, multi-stakeholder Sustainability Plan for Beacon Hill at Eastgate through:

  • Exploration and implementation of energy-efficient and renewable energy initiatives
  • Waste reduction strategies
  • Water conservation efforts
  • Sustainable business practices

As part of this effort, we seek to:

  • Build on the success of our current sustainability efforts.
  • Reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.
  • Inspire and educate others.
  • Realize economic value through diverse efficiencies.
  • Positively influence the broader region’s sustainability efforts.

Engaging within our resident community and the broader Eastgate community on sustainability fosters collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and partnerships, creating a collective impact toward a greener future.



Learn and document existing best practices at Beacon Hill and solicit input from residents, staff, and Eastgate community members for priorities as well as opportunities to improve and expand ongoing efforts—all in the context of successful sustainability efforts in other communities in Michigan, the U.S., and globally.


Consolidate what is learned from the Discovery process to establish areas of action, near, medium, and longer-term sequencing, as well as exploring possible approaches to leading and implementing such efforts.

Report & Recommend

Document the Discovery and Assessment steps in a published report for consideration by Beacon Hill leadership and stakeholders. Present findings to the Eastgate community to explore future collaboration opportunities.

Follow Up

Engage the Beacon Hill community to seek feedback on the report and chart a course for the next steps on a formal Sustainability Plan and begin its implementation.

Phase One Executive Report Summary

Click below to download the report.

Phase Two - Building a Sustainability Plan

Explore the Landscape

Document examples of best practices at similar organizations. sustainability efforts in other communities in Michigan, the U.S., and globally.

Benchmark Metrics

Establish baseline levels of activity and set initial goals for achievement against key metrics.

Draft Plan

Generate an initial draft of the first Beacon Hill at Eastgate Sustainability Plan. 

Draft Carbon Footprint

Plus, Explore Project Action and Funding Opportunities.



Highlights of Sustainable Programming at Beacon Hill By, Sarah Johnson, Service and Events Manager This Spring, sustainability has been on our minds in programming and

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Matt Zimmerman
Environmental and Energy Attorney Varnum Law, Committee Chair

Joseph Rinkevich
Independent Consultant, 
Project Director

Micki Benz
Chairperson Beacon Hill Foundation, Advisor

Ashley Edwards
Marketing and Communications Director, Beacon Hill at Eastgate, Committee Member

Sarah Johnson
Service and Events Manager,
Committee Member


Rhett Pinsky
Resident, Beacon Hill at Eastgate, Committee Member


Mary Kaneti
Resident, Beacon Hill at Eastgate,
Committee Member

Questions? Please contact Ashley Edwards at: