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Long-term nursing care at Beacon Hill

Services delivered with compassion

Long-term nursing care at Beacon Hill involves a variety of services designed to meet a person’s lifestyle and healthcare needs. For some, nursing care is a temporary place to recover after an illness or injury. For others, it can be a new place to call home that offers support, comfort, and protection from the effects of a prolonged illness, disability, or aging. Long-term care services are designed to help you maintain your current lifestyle as much as possible at a time when you may not be able to be fully independent.

Meeting all of your needs

Family, Comfort and Tradition

Many of our residents call our caregivers and nurses their second family. And our team feels the same way about our residents. The Skilled Nursing unit is just the right size — big enough for engaging activity and variety, yet small enough that you’ll build long-standing relationships with our staff.

Every resident who comes to live with us has a robust life history, so we make the time to get to know you personally to learn about who you are now and what you cherished at different phases of your life. We want to know your favorite things and your pet peeves. The number of pillows you sleep with and the light levels you like in your room. And, if you’re feeling a little down, we know just how to pick you up. Like a special coffee that our caregivers stop to pick up on their way, or time reminiscing and looking at photos together. It’s knowing you and your family so well that we have relationships with them too. It’s all about you in every way.

Amenities and Services

The little things that add up to excellent care

Fully private rooms and bathrooms in our state-of-the-art Skilled Nursing facility allow you to enjoy peace and quiet on your own time, at your own pace. You decide what level of interaction you want each step of the way. And, we are flexible and willing to change to meet your needs to focus on making you most comfortable.

At Beacon Hill, we see each resident for who they are as a person, not just a medical condition. Upon admission, every resident receives a Personalized Plan of Care – a complete, individualized plan to meet your needs built in collaboration with our interdisciplinary care team, you, and your health advocates. The plan of care continues to change as your condition changes, and as your preferences adjust.

A Personalized Plan of Care includes details like:

Clinical Needs

Appointments, daily weights, lung assessments – we manage it all. No more concern about coordinating all your medical care; we ensure you make all your appointments on time and that each physician is up to date on your latest progress.

Spiritual Care

Enjoy and celebrate those things of faith that provide you with security and comfort, whether provided by chaplain or staff. We’ll sing your favorite hymns with you, read your favorite passages, and offer prayer together or on your behalf.


How meals are served – not only meal choices and dietary preferences, but also if you prefer to eat with others or dine in your room. Eastgate Eats, a dinner delivery service that brings the distinct flavors of our restaurants in the Independent Living building, is also available for residents and their guests.

Social engagements

Where would you like to receive guests, which activities you prefer, and how often


If you enjoy participating in group activity, or prefer to engage with one of our trained life enrichment specialists one-on-one


These apartments feature a private room with a private bathroom which includes a barrier-free shower.


These apartments feature a private room with a private bathroom which includes a barrier-free shower.

Click on the Floor Plan Buttons to view a floor plan and a list of highlights.

What’s being said

Quotes from our community

"The care at Beacon Hill blew my socks off. I can’t believe this place is right down the street from me, and I didn’t have to go downtown or to Detroit for such great care. It’s only six blocks away which meant my wife could come and visit me every day. The nurses were all very kind and intelligent. Often, they knew what I needed before I even needed it. I made friends with them; I miss seeing them every day.”