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Beacon Hill Foundation


Beacon Hill at Eastgate holds a special place in the hearts of our residents and their families. We are a community of caring and support, and we believe in providing a nurturing place to live for all of our seniors — including those in need. Our focus for all residents is life enrichment, from health and wellness and spiritual care, to the arts and education.

The Beacon Hill Foundation supports many initiatives that better the lives of our residents and their families, staff, and surrounding community.

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Benevolent care

Over $5 million has been contributed to our Benevolent Care Fund over the past 30 years. Through this fund, the Foundation’s ultimate goal will be to provide access to all members of the community, irrespective of financial status. Annual charitable contributions to the Benevolent Care Fund ensures continued support and ease from worry for our residents year after year.

The greater community of Beacon Hill

Giving to The Beacon Hill Community helps sustain initiatives for our Beacon Hill residents. We support our residents’ spiritual care through the Russell & Dorothy Watkins Chaplaincy Fund and our staff with the Employee Scholarship Fund for continuing education. Being good neighbors in our surrounding community means developing initiatives such as open arts and education events, community gardens and supporting Eastgate Neighborhood Association activities.

Campus enhancement

The Foundation also supports campus enhancement and creating community spaces. Recent additions include the Daverman Wellness Center and the Charles Van Namen Family Bridge.

Beacon Hill Legacy Society

Security for generations to come

The Society is made up of members who have chosen to give back to the community where they, or their loved ones, live. Their generosity ensures we can continue to provide a caring, welcoming home for our residents that meets their physical, social and spiritual needs for years to come.

Giving opportunities

Tribute gifts • The Beacon Hill Legacy Society (will or estate plans) • Cash gifts • Monthly giving, EFT • Stocks and securities • Real estate • Insurance policies • IRA Distributions • Charitable Gift Annuities • Charitable Remainder Trusts

Thank you for your interest in the
Beacon Hill Foundation.

For further information on our foundation or to learn how you can help us grow,
call: 616-608-8285 or 

Beacon Hill Foundation Board of Directors

Micki Benz — Chairperson

Skip Knapp III — Treasurer

Jim Rauwerda — Trustee

Susie Wisler — Trustee

Christine Visner — Trustee

Cheryl Blair — Trustee

Carl Dufendach — Trustee

Mary McLoughlin – Trustee

Jeffrey Huegli — President

Andi Allen — Foundation Director