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Beacon Hill Legacy Society

Spiritual stewardship

God has entrusted each of us with certain abilities and resources. How we choose to steward those resources affects — and reflects — our relationship with Him. That is why planning your will or estate is much more than a financial or legal exercise; it is part of our spiritual response to God.

Your will (or trust) is your final act of stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to you. Making a legacy gift makes a powerful statement to your family about your values and your legacy of generosity.

Your legacy gift helps ensure that Beacon Hill at Eastgate continues to have an impact on our families for the next generation and beyond. If you feel led, join with others who have made a legacy gift to the Beacon Hill Foundation and become a member of the Legacy Society.

Polly and Dave McCoy, Beacon Hill Legacy Society Members

Making a difference

Remember the first time you arrived at Beacon Hill? We do. Every resident, every loved one, is part of our family. Your gift shows a commitment to a higher calling, ensuring your place in a long line of benefactors who have also believed in the importance of a loving, faith-based home for our seniors in the Grand Rapids community.

Ways to donate

Making your gift

There are many ways to donate to the Beacon Hill Legacy Society. Most of them can reduce your estate and income taxes and maximize the financial and tax benefits of your gift.

Here are just a few ways: In your will • IRAs and tax deferred accounts • Stocks • Real Estate • Life insurance • Retirement plans • Entrance fee refund • Charitable Gift Annuity

Benefits of membership


Your example of legacy stewardship is one of the most powerful ways you can support this ministry. When others see you have made a legacy gift, they may feel inspired to make a legacy gift too, which will inspire others to do so, and so on.

Individually, you make a tremendous difference for the future of the ministry; but together, our impact is profound.

Benefits of membership include: Invitations to Society gatherings • Special updates for Society members • Recognition in publications • A Special Society gift commemorating your membership • The knowledge that you can leave a lasting legacy to benefit residents in future generations

Let’s connect!

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