Health and Wellness

It’s all about Balance.

Whether it’s water aerobics, yoga or a high-intensity weightlifting session, everyone should reward their body with movement they love every day. We work to complete our community members’ wellbeing with programs designed to engage the intellect and spirit, from chaplaincy services to innovative fitness classes, to world-class performances and lectures. We believe that a thriving community is built on a foundation of holistic wellbeing.

"Welcome! Balance at Beacon Hill is not just a wellness center on campus — it plays a key role in your lifestyle and wellbeing here. This space is yours to enrich your life, relax and meditate, see friends, and most importantly, move your body! My hope is that you will utilize this space freely and often. Together, we will keep encouraging and helping one another remain active and healthy."

Balance at Beacon Hill

We offer a wide range of fitness programs to incorporate all of our residents’ exercise preferences. This includes an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool hot tub and fully-equipped fitness center plus group classes, activities and games. No matter what time of year, at Beacon Hill at Eastgate you can engage in a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Group Fitness

Click on each class title to learn more about the group fitness classes available.

Focus on balance, coordination, and functional strength to help prevent the risk of falling! Benefit from improved agility, stamina, and overall daily function. Classes are held virtually in the Community Room.

Advance your basic balance skills with movements that change direction, challenge core stabilization and posture and increase your mind to body connection to adapt safely and quickly to changes in body position. Foam pads may be used. Classes held in the Wellness Center.

Increase flexibility and range of motion with this class. Developed to safely stretch your entire body while relieving tension and reducing risk of injury. Classes held in the Wellness Center.

An entirely seated class, aimed towards improving flexibility, stress, postural alignment and overall coordination. Classes held virtually in the Community Room and live in the Wellness Center.

Experience the thrill on our world class STAGES bikes! Climb the hills, sprint the intervals and coast the flats all to energizing music. This cardiovascular stationary biking class will take your endurance and strength to the next level. Low-impact and easy on the joints, a class designed for all fitness levels.

A total body workout designed to increase muscular strength to help with activities of daily living and arthritis. Exercises will flow at a comfortable pace and may use hand-held med-balls, elastic tubing with handles and mini resistance bands. We are limited to 14 participants on a first come first serve basis due to equipment. Classes held in the Wellness Center.

Encourages a mind-body connection to better your physical and emotional well-being. Improve breathing, circulation, and energy levels all while increasing flexibility, core strength and postural alignment. Options for mat or chair. Classes held in the Wellness Center.

A low-impact water class that focuses on cardiovascular health and building strength. The buoyancy of the water provides warmth and support to those who might be struggling with pain. Water-bells and resistance bands may be used. Classes held in the Pool.

Get up and go with this aerobics class that is safe, heart-healthy, and fun! Challenge your body with movements to music that boost your heart rate, improve coordination, and ensure a fun time with friends grooving to the beat.

Fitness center

Beacon Hill’s state-of-the-art fitness center includes everything you need to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Our Technogym equipment on campus provides an extensive and convenient way of keeping track of your workouts and lifestyle data all in one place. By downloading the myWellness App, you can see what exercises best fit your needs, videos of how to properly execute these exercises, record indoor and outdoor workouts, as well as track results and review progress made.


Our climate-controlled, indoor aquatic center includes a heated lap pool with easy, step-in entry, as well as an oversized whirlpool hot tub. Beacon Hill residents are able to enjoy a water workout or therapeutic soak no matter what the weather is outside. This center is especially beneficial for helping seniors with arthritis and other physical limitations stay active.


In addition to several group fitness classes, residents enjoy walking within the community and around the Eastgate neighborhood. Forge your own path, or try one of these mapped routes:


Investing in yourself and your health is one of the most important steps you can take here at Beacon Hill. Working one on one with our Wellness Manager right here on campus can give you the tools and support you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Read more reasons you might need/want a personal trainer:


Beacon Hill is a faith-based community. We understand the significant contribution spiritual health provides to the overall wellness of our residents. Members of our community and their families find comfort and personal care through the services of two full-time chaplains who oversee various activities, including prayer services and regular devotional opportunities. There are also many possibilities for worship close-by at congregations in the Eastgate neighborhood.