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Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care

On your own time, at your own pace

Beacon Hill at Eastgate works closely with you and your physician to provide you with the specific skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and therapy services you need to support your recovery and ongoing wellness.  We offer our residents and members of the broader Grand Rapids community both long and short-term skilled nursing care as well as in-house and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation Care

The rehabilitation program at Beacon Hill helps people overcome a multitude of diagnoses using strengthening exercises as well as hands-on therapy for conditions such as back pain, trauma, arthritis, joint replacement, and other post-surgical conditions. Our team of rehab professionals creates a personalized plan for each individual, so they can achieve their therapy goals as efficiently as possible.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Since 2019, Beacon Hill’s Skilled Nursing has achieved a Medicare/Medicaid Five-Star rating, a distinction held by the top 10% of skilled nursing facilities throughout the country.  Our team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and expertly trained nursing assistants is able to provide our residents with round-the-clock, person-centered short-term and long-term skilled care. Our own Restorative Care Program promotes healing and rehabilitation while supporting patient independence in a calm and reassuring atmosphere.

Long-Term Nursing Care

Long-term nursing care at Beacon Hill involves a variety of services designed to meet a person’s lifestyle and healthcare needs. For some, nursing care is a temporary place to recover after an illness or injury. For others, it can be a new place to call home that offers support, comfort, and protection from the effects of a prolonged illness, disability, or aging. Long-term care services are designed to help you maintain your current lifestyle as much as possible at a time when you may not be able to be fully independent. 

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These apartments feature a private room with a private bathroom which includes a barrier-free shower.


These apartments feature a private room with a private bathroom which includes a barrier-free shower.