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Spring Cleaning Tips

As fresh air rolls in from spring, now is a great time to revitalize your living spaces. To help you identify and organize a few commonly cluttered spots, here are four areas of focus for a quick, spring cleaning project. These satisfying tasks can make a big impact on feeling on top of clutter that can easily accumulate over the winter months.

Curate Your Closet

Now that your wardrobe is switching from cozy winter wear to light spring and summer clothes, it’s a great time to edit your closet. Many organizational experts recommend taking every item out of the closet and sifting through each one individually. If that feels like too much, try starting with one section at a time, perhaps tops or sweaters, and complete that before moving on to the next category. Certified professional organizer Cary Prince suggests asking yourself the following questions in Real Simple magazine:

  • Does it fit?
  • Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
  • Will I repair it (for items that are damaged or need alteration)?
  • Do I feel confident in it?

         Items that receive a “no” can be donated or recycled.

Coordinate Your Cabinets

Medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers receive such frequent use, it’s easy for those areas to become disorganized. To get started, remove all items from your cabinet and/or drawer. Wipe down the surface spaces to remove dust and any accumulated grit. Then take a look at everything you’ve removed and think about what to put back into the cabinet. Maybe some items are expired or empty, and can be tossed, or placed elsewhere.

Edit Your Eats

Much like the bathroom, your kitchen receives such regular use that it can easily become a mess. For this task, focus on your two main areas of food storage, your refrigerator and your pantry or cabinet that contains your shelf-stable items. Take everything out and wipe down shelves, doors and corners. As you place things back, check expiration dates and contents to see if anything needs replacing.

Empty Your Email

For many of us, the most disorganized spot in our lives is the one in our hand or on our laptop — our email inbox. While achieving “inbox zero,” the idea of having zero unread emails, is unlikely for most, decluttering your emails can help you feel more organized. One easy way to start is to unsubscribe from every marketing email that isn’t relevant. For emails that you want to keep, try moving them to specific folders such as those dedicated to travel information, or household items. And for emails that reoccur, such as Google Calendar notifications, try searching and deleting up to 50 at once, a feature available on Gmail.

Hopefully, these easy projects will leave you and your home feeling more organized and ready for the warmer weather.

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