A New Year, A New Workout

By, Shelby Peterson, Wellness Manager Beacon Hill at Eastgate

It’s a new year! What better time to try something new? Many of us are well-versed in committing to a fresh start and recommitting to our wellness goals. But when was the last time you tried out an all-new workout?  Indoor cycling bikes have arrived on campus and if you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out, now is the time. If you’re looking for an activity that is healthy for the heart, easy on your joints, and simply boosts your overall daily energy levels, then spinning might be for you.

Spinning has some of the same benefits as any high-intensity cardiovascular workout does. The biggest benefit of spin for older adults is that it is low impact. If you struggle with stiffness or pain in your joints, the smooth motion of pedaling will not further aggravate your body. In fact, indoor cycling helps to increase strength in your lower body which in turn could help alleviate any issues you might be dealing with in your knees, hips, etc. Another benefit of indoor cycling is that our bikes are sturdy and stationary. Compared to biking outside, indoor cycling provides a smooth and predictable surface allowing a safe and comfortable ride the entire way.

So no matter what physical readiness level you might be at, spinning might be a great option for you! As we age, staying in our comfort zones becomes easier and easier. Here’s to 2023 and trying new things!

You belong here.

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