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New Hobbies to Try in Warmer Weather

Springtime offers a great opportunity to try a new hobby.

The sunshine beckons us all outdoors, and a new interest or hobby can help you explore the world around you in energizing ways. The hobbies included below require minimal equipment or prior experience and are sure to add delight to your day.

Nature Photography

See the grounds of Beacon Hill at Eastgate with new eyes! A fresh way to appreciate the natural environment on a different level is by taking photographs of the things you see. Attuning your gaze to the unique details of your subject, whether it’s a flower, animal or plant, can increase your enjoyment of observation. Equipment can be kept as simple as the phone in your pocket. Most phone cameras take high-quality photos that rival the best point-and-shoot cameras these days. National Geographic recommends getting as close as possible to your subject, and avoiding the zoom function on your phone or camera, in How to Take Wildlife Photos Like a Pro. Experimenting with light and backgrounds, or a subject over time – such as how a plant grows and changes on a daily basis – can be a fun exercise in patience and wonder. Choosing a specific theme, such as birch trees, or red cardinals, can help narrow your hunt for photo subjects.


Summer brings forth a bounty of harvest-fresh vegetables, many of which are ideal for pickling. Farm-grown cucumbers, such as those available at the farmers’ market, are ideal for quick-pickling, the simple process of preserving a food with vinegar in the refrigerator. No special equipment or ingredients are needed for quick pickling. The other method, water-bath pickling, is a longer, multi-step process that involves special cookware. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, quick pickling will result in jars that will last several weeks to months if refrigerated. For full instructions, see How to Make Pickles: Step-by-Step Pickling Guide.

Flower Arranging

Beautify your table or any room in your room with gorgeous floral arrangements. An artfully arranged bouquet can create a dramatic impact, or make a wonderful gift! Most grocery stores sell a variety of fresh flowers that, when strategically put together, can resemble a professional presentation. Better Homes and Gardens suggests a step-by-step process of selecting, preparing and placing flowers for optimal effect. A few tools can elevate your process, such as floral stem cutters, sharp clippers, floral tape, and thorn strippers for roses.

Take full advantage of the warm weather and fresh air by trying an invigorating, new hobby this spring.

You belong here.

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Beacon Hill at Eastgate is a distinctive, not-for-profit retirement community located in Grand Rapids’ desirable Eastgate neighborhood.

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