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Chef Spotlight: Tracy Sievert, Pastry Chef

If you’ve caught a whiff of fresh bread or tasted any of the delectable desserts available at Beacon Hill, you know firsthand the impressive work of our head Pastry Chef, Tracy Sievert. For the past several years, Tracy’s delicious creations have treated our residents in the main dining room and cafe. “I love making cakes and anything you can decorate,” says Tracy. “I enjoy getting creative with design, and also making breads, especially cinnamon swirl. It’s served in the morning in the Bistro for breakfast.”

Tracy fell in love with baking at a young age, making apple pies with her grandmother, standing on a stool by her side. In high school, she completed SkillsUSA Career Essentials, and pursued commercial baking. She learned how to expertly make all different kinds of baked goods, including lattice cherry pie, sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, and quick bread. Tracy completed a degree in baking and pastry at Grand Rapids Community College and graduated in 2019. She took a position at Cookies & Cupcakes By Design in Grandville before joining BH. She found the pastry chef job posting and came in for an interview. Tracy said she knew right away that BH was special; “We went through the main kitchen and out into the Garden Café, Maggie gave the tour.”

A typical day for Tracy begins at 8am when she stocks the Bistro. “The display case gets stuffed with my desserts, and I replenish cookies, muffins, scones, put desserts in boxes and label them,” she says. “Then I start on the dessert of the day for the main dining room and cafe. I cut and garnish. It’s usually a cake, a bar, or a tarte. I head over and do production, as I have 3-4 things that I like to bake per day. Those will go in desserts for main dining or cafe for the week. Then I like to plan my production for the following week.”

Tracy appreciates that many residents have nostalgic favorites or a craving for something specific, and she tries her best to provide residents with the desserts they prefer. “I get requests from servers,” she says. “Sometimes a resident requests almond bars, cakes, and other specific treats, so I add it into my rotation in the next week or so.”  Otherwise, she refers to her huge binder of favorite recipes, as well as incorporating some new ones to achieve a good mix.

Asked what her favorite part is about working at Beacon Hill, Tracy says “Everything about it is awesome! I love my co-workers and making delicious food for the residents. It really brightens my day knowing that others enjoy the food I make.” When she’s not in the kitchen, Tracy enjoys mountain trail biking and gardening, and tending to her fish tank.

Reflecting on her career path, Tracy says, “I’ve always had a sweet tooth. I’ve been a picky eater since I was a kid, and desserts were something I always liked. Being in culinary school, I was able to try more foods and expand my palate. But I still like desserts to this day.” And that’s why Tracy is a perfect fit for her role as pastry chef.

We are so pleased to have Tracy as another talented member of our culinary team!

You belong here.

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Beacon Hill at Eastgate is a distinctive, not-for-profit retirement community located in Grand Rapids’ desirable Eastgate neighborhood.

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