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230,940 Ways to Dine

230,940 Ways to Dine at Beacon Hill, Every Single Night

By, Luke Theaker, Executive Chef

I recently returned to higher education after almost 20 years of being away. I love being a part of the community at Beacon Hill and my return to college is motivated by my desire to assist our community in a wider variety of ways. It has been a fun and trying journey navigating the balance of schoolwork, productivity at work, and also having meaningful connections with my wife and children. This additional complication in my daily workload is normally something that I embrace, even relish. However, this has been put to the test with the addition, pun intended, of having to take College Algebra this semester.

I was not looking forward to taking this class. Working on algebra, generally speaking, is synonymous with any loathsome activity. Every morning, I wake up and begin my day with a strong cup of coffee and my daily dose of , or similar problems. Take a moment to look at that equation I just wrote out. It is like learning a new language! Every day I try and decipher a new clue that will hopefully lead to the keys that unlock comprehension of all of this in my mind. For weeks, all my attempts to appreciate this course’s merits in my life have failed. I begrudgingly perform what is expected of me, no more, no less. At this stage in my life, I treat algebra as a means to an end.

Yet, that attitude took a sharp turn as I studied this morning. The lesson for the day included addition and multiplication principles for a series of data points. One detail piqued my interest: I learned how to determine how many combinations of choices are available in various circumstances. For the first time in algebra, I discovered an application in my work here at Beacon Hill. Through this newly acquired knowledge, I was able to calculate with a fair degree of accuracy, the number of menu options, or choices, that each resident has every day for dinner across our dining venues. Brace yourself — because the numbers are incredible!

Every day a resident has their choice of 230,940 different dinner combinations! The Bistro alone, with build-your-own burger and pizza options, has just over 215,000 options. The Club Room and Café have 13,824 and 1,980 respectively. The Main Dining Room has 96 different menu options that change daily. Take a moment and meditate on those numbers. If you desired to, you could have a new dish every single night at Beacon Hill, and never repeat a dish…ever.

The vision of Beacon Hill is Daily discovering the fresh potential of each life in our residential senior community. If variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, then the residents at Beacon Hill will have spirited, abundant lives through their dining! Are you taking advantage of all that Beacon Hill gives you? Have you embraced the diverse range of choices available at Beacon Hill to cultivate a vibrant and fulfilling life within our community?

A classic dinner, ordered frequently by many residents is the Catch of the Day with a Baked Potato. I love our seafood program, and this is a wonderful option. But I challenge you to remember that there is a tremendous world of discovery for you when you dine at Beacon Hill. 230,940 options worth of discovery, each and every night. And those options change daily. When was the last time you tried something completely different? Remember that variety and quality like this is what led many of you to choose to make Beacon Hill at Eastgate your home. Allow the dining team to knock your socks off with a new dish that you have never tried before and challenge us to continue to push the boundaries of what we can do here, while you explore a new world of flavors and dining combinations!

You belong here.

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Beacon Hill at Eastgate is a distinctive, not-for-profit retirement community located in Grand Rapids’ desirable Eastgate neighborhood.

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