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Fall 2023 Employee Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 Employee Scholarship Recipients

We are absolutely delighted to announce the recipients of the Beacon Hill Foundation’s Fall 2023 Employee Scholarships, made possible through the generous contributions from our donors. Supporting employee education and growth has a profound impact on our entire Beacon Hill community.

When hiring employees, we strive to find people who have a heart for compassion and care, and who also have a desire for growth and development. These dedicated individuals have made invaluable contributions to Beacon Hill in their daily work, and it truly shows. The care, attention to detail, and thoughtful nature of these employees are felt by their coworkers, their supervisors, residents and their families. It is our honor to provide them with funding to continue their education and career paths.

Congratulations to the following outstanding employees and scholarship recipients:

  • Brenda VanWeezel, attending Grand Rapids Community College and pursuing an associates degree in Nursing
  • Marquisha Kennedy, attending Grand Rapids Community College and pursuing an associates degree in Nursing
  • Chelsea Detweiler, attending Central Michigan University and pursuing a bachelors of Science with a focus on Community Development.

Brenda has a certificate in Practical Nursing from Grand Rapids Community College. She currently works as a LPN, Charge Nurse, in the Nursing department. “New and expanded information and learning will allow me to apply better care to my patients in any situation,” says Brenda. She enjoys creating relationships and says her strength is in building positive relationships with both residents and families. She recently offered comfort and care to a family when a resident passed away, and says the thank you card she received afterward is something she treasures dearly. Brenda’s supervisor, Clinical Care Manager Pam Deacon, shares that recently “two different families have contacted me to express that Brenda offered compassionate care to themselves and their loved ones.” Pam says Brenda has perseverance and that when she sets goals, she establishes a plan to achieve them. Brenda’s capacity for empathy, her attention to detail and desire to grow in her expertise, make her an exemplary employee.

Marquisha has an LPN certification from Grand Rapids Community College. She currently is the Admissions Coordinator in the Nursing department. Marquisha says being committed, persistent and passionate are the qualities that have propelled her towards reaching her goals. She has a heart for residents and their families, and recently helped brighten the day of one family by providing a birthday cake and small party for the resident’s husband. “I love caring for others,” says Marquisha. “Being a nurse allows me to provide companionship and build relationships with residents.” Her supervisor, Director of Nursing Amanda Dagget, says “in July we promoted Marquisha to a coordinator role because of her attitude, customer service and skills.” She believes ongoing education will continue to benefit Marquisha in her current role and with her future goals.

Chelsea works as a seasonal gardener at Beacon Hill, and also works part-time at a veterinary hospital. She says when she’s working in the garden, residents often get a big smile and ask what she’s growing and harvesting. “I like to think that I make their day better because I love to talk about gardening,” says Chelsea. Her love of learning and curiosity about the world inspire a motivation to collect knowledge. Her supervisor and Garden Cafe Manager Maggie Thiel says Chelsea has a great attitude and growing leadership skills, and she’s grateful to have her on staff. “She has shown a good deal of care and compassion for the residents, and is always willing to assist and give guidance to the gardeners.” Chelsea is now training new staff members, and sharing her knowledge and expertise as she continues to grow in her own education.

You belong here.

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