A Guide to Your Family Meeting

Telling Loved Ones About Your Will

What a blessing and relief! You have your legal will in place.

Now how do you tell the family?

A family meeting is a proactive way to protect your loved ones from the uncertainty and drama that too many families navigate after someone passes away.

Explaining your intentions can help everyone get on the same page, opening the door to healthy dialogue about your values, goals and estate plan.

Where do you begin?

Here are five key considerations to help you prepare for this important conversation.

  1. Who should be involved?
  2. Where is the best setting where all participants will feel welcome?
  3. Is there a date and time that will be most convenient for all involved?
  4. What else can be done to create a relaxed atmosphere that’s free from distraction?
  5. How many details of my plan am I willing to share?

Once these logistical decisions are made, you can focus on the heart of what needs to be communicated.

Need more help planning your family meeting? Request your free worksheet: “Sharing Your Estate Plan with Your Loved Ones” by calling Andi Allen, Foundation Director at 616-608-8285 or email andi.allen@beaconhillgr.org

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