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Shelby’s At-Home Workouts

Looking to exercise at home? We’ve got you covered with videos below. Click on each video to open, then press play.

Seated Stretch
Click on the above picture to watch the video.
Click on the above picture to watch the video.
Stretch Relief
Full body tension release that aims to increase flexibility and proper range of motion.
Full body relaxation that improves circulation and stress levels while increasing flexibility and postural alignment. Options for mat & chair.
Balance and Mobility
Low impact balance, coordination, and functional strength movements to help prevent the risk of falling! Benefit from improved agility, stamina, and overall daily function.
Seated Stretch Relief
An entirely seated class, designed to help improve strength, flexibility and stress relief to boost activities of daily living.
Additional Resource
Tai Chi
Slow, relaxed movements that develop a sense of balance & harmony between mind & body.
Additional Resource
HeadSpace App
Guided meditations focused on stress, sadness, mind/body health and so much more! Tailor your daily meditation needs and be kind to your mind.
Responding to Covid-19
President and CEO of Beacon Hill at Eastgate, Jeff Huegli, shares with residents, families, and the Grand Rapids community how Beacon Hill is taking care of its residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Responding to Covid-19
Jeff Huegli speaks to Beacon Hill employees and residents in the spirit of banding together and supporting one another.

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