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Education, entertainment and enrichment

We’re sharing with you a variety of videos to keep you entertained. From tours of museums around the world to exercises you can do from the comfort of home, please enjoy these activities.

Shelby’s At-Home Workouts

Looking to exercise at home? We’ve got you covered with videos below. Click on each video to open, then press play.

Stretch Relief
Full body tension release that aims to increase flexibility and proper range of motion.
Full body relaxation that improves circulation and stress levels while increasing flexibility and postural alignment. Options for mat & chair.
Balance and Mobility
Low impact balance, coordination, and functional strength movements to help prevent the risk of falling! Benefit from improved agility, stamina, and overall daily function.
Additional Resource
Tai Chi
Slow, relaxed movements that develop a sense of balance & harmony between mind & body.
Additional Resource
HeadSpace App
Guided meditations focused on stress, sadness, mind/body health and so much more! Tailor your daily meditation needs and be kind to your mind.
Seated Stretch Relief
An entirely seated class, designed to help improve strength, flexibility and stress relief to boost activities of daily living.

OLLI at Aquinas Online Learning Opportunities

Registration is open! View the Course Catalog HERE.

First class begins on November 1st, and runs through December 17, 2021.

The OLLI at Aquinas curriculum is designed to offer students opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the ancient and modern worlds, enjoy the arts, find personal meaning and satisfaction in all aspects of life, and interact with individuals who share common interests.

At OLLI, we offer programs in science, history, philosophy, religion, political science, art, music, culture, food, psychology, math and current events. If there is a subject that students want to learn more about, we make every effort to find the best instructor to teach it.

The curriculum is responsive to requests of our members, so our offerings are new, but with repeats of student favorites. In addition, we have lecture series, events, book clubs, special interest groups, trips, and our own drama group of OLLI Players.

Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning

The second group of Fall classes begin Oct 19th! View the Course Catalog HERE.
CALL members may now renew membership for the 2021-2022 academic year. The price remains the same at $40. (A 3-year discounted membership through 8/31/24 is available for $105). Membership is required to participate in courses and events.  For those who use CALL membership at MVP, see the MVP rate changes below. All current members will receive a mailed copy of the Fall 2021 Curriculum Guide.

Register now, and see detailed courses at: www.calvin.edu/call


The CALL Marketing Committee continues to work on partnerships in the Grand Rapids area for CALL members. Toward that end, the CALL program will have an organizational membership with Meijer Gardens this year. This membership held by our program will allow 20 members of CALL (no non-CALL member guests) to visit Meijer Gardens at no charge on each date we have selected. We will publish a calendar and signup sheet for dates over the next year. Depending on the interest, you may be limited in the number of times you can signup. We will need volunteers who will act as the CALL program representative at Meijer Gardens for these dates. If you would like to help once a month, please email us at call@calvin.edu.
The Member Events Committee is eager to resume travel! The previously canceled African American Music and History event to Detroit Motown is being reworked for this fall to coincide with the course that will begin in early September. The recent flooding in late June of both museums in Detroit has delayed our ability to confirm a date. We will continue to update you as new details develop.

As referenced in the previous E-news, the CALL Member Events Committee would like to plan an event next year in October or November of 2022 when the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) holds a Van Gogh Exhibition. To gauge how many tickets to purchase, please let us know your interest by emailing call@calvin.edu with the subject line Van Gogh. 

The Passport Travel Film Series is still on hold at this time.

Open for registration:
Netherlands, with Henk Aay and Robert Hoeksema: April 3-15, 2022
Hawaii- February 8-February 20, 2022, with Gerry Van Kooten, professor of geology emeritus.
A Danube River Cruise on May 7-18 2022, led by Ellen and George Monsma.
Quebec & Montreal, with Karin Maag: May 9-16, 2022. 
Florence, with Jennifer Holberg: May 24- June 6, 2022. 
Croatia, with Ken Bratt: June 11-26, 2022. Registration opens mid-August.
Ireland from June 16-25, 2022, led by Debra Freeberg. Registration to open in mid-August for Ireland.

All trip details are here. To join the interest list for any of the destinations mentioned, please email call@calvin.edu and specify which trip(s) you have interest.

Seniors Wellness Grand Rapids

Seniors Be Well at GRPL!

Join us for the Seniors Be Well at GRPL series! Family Medicine Physicians, sometimes partnering with a community service provider, will discuss health misinformation, nutrition, dementia and much more. When you sign up for the book club, you will receive the book to read, discuss, and keep for your personal library! The series will move online if necessary for public health and patron safety. Seniors Be Well at GRPL is a partnership with Mercy Health Saint Mary’s.

These materials were provided by a generous grant from the National Library of Medicine.

Register online or at any GRPL location or by calling 616-988-5400

Volunteer Opportunities 

Kent District Library

If you happen to be an English teacher, writer or just someone with an eye for a good story, we need your skills. Submitted stories are reviewed by volunteers before they are sent to our judges, and we get a lot of entries!

People interested in becoming a reviewer can visit the Write Michigan Volunteer page or contact us at volunteer@kdl.org for more details.

AARP Movies for Grownups


Looking for something new to watch? Check out the AARP Movies for Grownups: Movie Reviews, Movie Releases, Movies for Grownups (aarp.org)

Temple Emanuel 

Adult Education

Temple Emanuel offers numerous educational programs and often teams with other Grand Rapids’ Jewish organizations to bring noted authors, philosophers, theologians, historians and consultants to enrich the learning opportunities of the West Michigan Jewish community. Programming is updated frequently; check the online calendar for the latest events: https://grtemple.org/temple-emanuel-calendar/

Best Museums in NYC

With the status of the city’s main cultural institutions constantly changing, including the best museums in NYC, Time Out will be updating this feature monthly to give you the most up-to-date info we can on what’s open for in person viewing, what cool and interesting things can be viewed online and what you absolutely can’t miss right now at each institution. This month, new highlights include an exhibition of the works of David Hockney at the Morgan Library, a collection of fascinating, recent photography at the International Center of Photography Museum and a look back at Bob Hope and WWII at the New-York Historical Society.

Click here!

Sign up for free online classes to improve brain health!

The MDHHS Aging & Adult Services Agency has a partnership with GetSetUp, a mission-driven education technology company dedicated to creating economic and learning opportunities for older adults. The partnership provides free virtual learning and social engagement opportunities for Michiganders ages 60 and over.

The Alzheimer’s Association says regular physical exercise may be a beneficial strategy to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Exercise may directly benefit brain cells by increasing blood and oxygen flow in the brain. Additionally, studies say that maintaining strong social connections and keeping mentally active as people age might lower the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

“Dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form – is an emerging public health crisis,” said Dr. Alexis Travis, who recently became senior deputy director for the MDHHS Public Health Administration and previously was senior deputy director of the Aging and Adult Services Agency. “An estimated 190,000 Michiganders age 65 and over are living with Alzheimer’s disease. That number is expected to grow to 220,000 by 2025. Brain health is a crucial component of healthy aging and we are pleased to offer these and over 150 classes on the GetSetUp platform to older Michiganders at no cost.”

GetSetUp offers a wide variety of classes to empower older adults to connect with others and stay healthy, including:

·       Class Series: Our Minds Matter…Embrace Mental Health!

·       Yoga for Beginners

·       Get Moving by Line Dancing (the Hustle)

·       Mindful Chair Yoga

·       Get Moving with QiGong

·       Ageless Grace: Exercises for the Body and Mind

·       Social hours and interest groups on a range of topics, including a social hour on brain fitness and Dementia Caregivers Unite

“We have designed GetSetUp online classes and events to provide the physical, mental and social activities that are so critical to healthy living as we work toward a day when we can all age-in-place,” said Lawrence Kosick, co-founder of GetSetUp. “And starting in June, we’re excited to be able to offer even more programming to support brain health and education around dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. With over 80,000 of Michiganders over age 60 already benefiting through our partnership with MDHHS, we’re excited to be able to expand our content in the areas that are most needed and support even more older adults in Michigan.”

Michiganders age 60 and over may enroll in any GetSetUp session at no cost by visiting getsetup.io/michigan and using the code MICHIGANHEALTH or by calling 888-559-1614.

Virtual Events

Click on each section to view links to virtual tours, concerts, cooking classes and more! NEW items will be added to each section, at the top of the list, each week!

Women's Oral History

Click on each title to view the tour. 

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas at our satellite support and research stations as well as past exhibits no longer on display.


Explore Japanese Ukiyo-e prints from GRAM’s Collection with GRAM Director and CEO, Dana Friis-Hansen.

12 Virtual Walking Trails That Take You Around the World. 

These virtual walking routes and trails deliver new landscapes, fresh perspectives, and plenty of calm-inducing flora while transporting you all over the world. You can enjoy the view from your exercise bike or at-home treadmill, or cozy up on your couch and allow yourself to be whisked away to the mountains of Switzerland or the rugged Oregon coastline.
Virtual Reality has the power to transport users to places they might never be able to visit in real life so welcoming digital visitors into the museums of the world is a natural fit. 

Great Wall of China: Mentally climb one of the seven wonders of the world with a virtual tour.

Wonders of the World: While you’re at it, why not cross all the new seven wonders off your bucket list (like Machu Picchu, Petra, and the Taj Mahal) with these 360-degree tours.

Sistine Chapel: Marvel at the intricate ceilings of this treasured religious landmark in Vatican City with seven virtual tours.

CN Tower: Peer over Downtown Toronto with a live stream from the top of this 1,815 foot (553 meter) architectural wonder.

Buckingham Palace: You’ll have four rooms of the Queen’s official residence all to yourself with these virtual tours

The Louvre: Journey from ancient Egypt to the Victorian era with four virtual tours at this Parisian museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Met Gala may be canceled but you can still get your costume fix with the online collection at The Costume Institute. They’ve got 26 other online exhibits for you to explore too.

The British Museum: Take a virtual tour of the Oceania or Prints and Drawings galleries, or browse their online collection, home to over one million objects.

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Google’s Street View feature lets visitors tour the Guggenheim’s famous spiral staircase without ever leaving home. From there, you can discover incredible works of art from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

This famous American art museum features two online exhibits through Google. The first is an exhibit of American fashion from 1740 to 1895, including many renderings of clothes from the colonial and Revolutionary eras. The second is a collection of works from Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer.

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

You can virtually walk through this popular gallery that houses dozens of famous works from French artists who worked and lived between 1848 and 1914. Get a peek at artworks from Monet, Cézanne, and Gauguin, among others.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

One of Korea’s popular museums can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Google’s virtual tour takes you through six floors of Contemporary art from Korea and all over the globe.

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

As one of Germany’s largest museums, Pergamon has a lot to offer – even if you can’t physically be there. This historical museum is home to plenty of ancient artifacts including the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and, of course, the Pergamon Altar.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Explore the masterworks from the Dutch Golden Age, including works from Vermeer and Rembrandt. Google offers a Street View tour of this iconic museum, so you can feel as if you’re actually wandering its halls.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Anyone who is a fan of this tragic, ingenious painter can see his works up close (or, almost up close) by virtually visiting this museum – the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh, including over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and over 750 personal letters.

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

European artworks from as far back as the 8th Century can be found in this California art museum. Take a Street View tour to discover a huge collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, manuscripts, and photographs.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

This less well-known gallery houses the art collection of one of Florence, Italy’s most famous families, the de’Medicis. The building was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 specifically for Cosimo I de’Medici, but anyone can wander its halls from anywhere in the world.

MASP, São Paulo

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a non-profit and Brazil’s first modern museum. Artworks placed on clear perspex frames make it seem like the artwork is hovering in midair. Take a virtual tour to experience the wondrous display for yourself.

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Built in 1964, this museum is dedicated to the archaeology and history of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic heritage. There are 23 exhibit rooms filled with ancient artifacts, including some from the Mayan civilization.

Sadly, not all popular art museums and galleries could be included on Google Arts & Culture’s collection, but some museums are taking it upon themselves to offer online visits. According to Fast Company, the Louvre also offers virtual tours on its website.

Grammy Museum: Take a music education lesson or listen to a curated Spotify playlist while browsing the newly released archival content — the Museum at Home program has you covered.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Current and permanent exhibitions, research stations, the Smithsonian Castle… You can cover a lot of ground at this museum with their virtual tours.

International Center of Photography: The Visual History of Hip-Hop exhibit at this newly opened museum is a must for hip-hop fans. Thankfully you can sneak a peek via their virtual tour; check out their audio guide and Spotify playlist to complete the experience.

The Dalí Museum: Browse the four online exhibits, or for something more interactive download the Dreams of Dalí virtual reality experience.

Virtual Visit to a National Park

Yosemite National Park: From the epic views atop the Diving Board to the jaw-dropping Nevada Fall, the 360-footage of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains is breathtaking.

Inca Trail: The long trek to Peru’s iconic Machu Picchu can be condensed into one hour with this virtual journey (best part — you won’t be sore after!).

Northern lights: Tune into a live stream from Northern Canada and you might just be able to cross this natural phenomenon off your bucket list.

Carlsbad Caverns: Carlsbad Caverns National Park’s 119 caves are yours to explore with a park ranger on this virtual tour. Don’t miss The Big Room, it’s the largest single cave chamber in North America.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: Escape to Australia’s Northern Territory with this virtual tour that includes stories and songs from Anangu, the traditional owners of the land.

The Winterthur museum in Delaware: This museum was just featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show!

Virtual Zoos

Click on each title to view the tour. 

San Diego Zoo: Peek inside the enclosures at this world-famous zoo via one of their 10 live-streaming cameras. Heartwarming pandas and koalas? Yes please.

Houston Zoo: Six live camera streams lets you watch gorillas, giraffes, and even leafcutter ants in their habitats.

Cincinnati Zoo: Check out this zoo’s Facebook page for their educational “Home Safari” live stream that highlights one animal each day and includes an activity to do at home (perfect for the kids!). Don’t miss the heartwarming video series about Fiona, a prematurely born baby hippopotamus.

Beekman 1802’s farm: The super adorable baby goats at this farm are perfect if you just need a quick hit of visual comfort.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Watch waddling African penguins or get up close and personal with sharks — this world-renowned aquarium has 10 live streams for you to choose from. Don’t miss the Moon Jelly Cam — it’s exactly the kind of ASMR video we need right now.

Virtual concerts/lectures

Click on each title to view the tour.

Ted Talks TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

Nightly Met Opera Streams

During this extraordinary and difficult time, the Met hopes to brighten the lives. Each day, a different encore presentation from the company’s Live in HD series is being made available for free streaming, with each performance available for a period of 23 hours.

Fresh Air Archives

For more than 40 years, Fresh Air with Terry Gross has inspired and engaged audiences across the country as a nationally-broadcast show since 1987. This Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio’s most popular programs. Its 1994 Peabody Award citation credits Fresh Air with “probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights.” And a variety of top publications count Gross among the country’s leading interviewers. The show gives interviews as much time as needed, and complements them with comments from well-known critics and commentators. Fresh Air is produced at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia and broadcast nationally by NPR.

AARP Friendly Voice: Connecting People to People

We may be isolated, but we don’t have to be alone. Sometimes, just hearing a friendly voice on the other end of the line can help in challenging times. 
Trained AARP Friendly Voice volunteers will provide a call to say hello. 
Living Room Concert Series
Two concerts each week “at home” with Circle performers, hosted by some of our most familiar performers, as well as those are brand new to the Circle family in 2020. This link takes you to the Circle Theater Facebook page. Once you’re there, click on Videos to view all past performances.

Seattle Symphony: Into classical music? This esteemed symphony is posting free broadcasts on social media.

National Recording Registry: A complete list of recordings by title, artist and year of release. Listen to all your favorites.


Click on each title to view the tour. 

Garfield Park Conservatory: Chicago’s stunning indoor green oasis offers digital tours that are as pretty as they are educational.

Volunteer Park Conservatory: This historic Seattle landmark went live every day for a week to support Washington’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order — check out the recordings on their Facebook page for a quick hit of relaxation.

National Cherry Blossom Festival: Catch the cherry blossoms before they’re gone with the live bloom cam and a virtual tour of the Tidal Basin.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Take a relaxing tour of this European-inspired estate overlooking Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

Cooking tutorials with celebrity chefs

Click on each title to view the tour. 

Join Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura’s “Kitchen Quarantine” class on Instagram or Iron Chef Michael Symon on the Food Network Kitchen Facebook page every day. You’ll also find Antoni Porowski cooking up pantry staples for his “Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine” series on Instagram.

Borough Market cooking classes: Join a cooking class live streamed on this beloved London market’s Instagram. They’ve also set up the Borough Market Community on Facebook for foodies to share recipes and cooking tips.


Virtual winery experiences

Click on each title to view the tour. 

Upgrade your virtual happy hour with an online wine tasting and tour of California’s Tolosa Winery.


Click on each title to view the tour. 

NASA offices: Before blasting off, you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into. To train like an astronaut, take an online tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and check out the Kennedy Space Center‘s educational live streams on Facebook.

The Houston Space Center: Download their special app to journey into space via their Location-Aware Audio Tour (with fun facts along the way). If you have a VR headset, you’ll love their virtual reality experience of the Moon.

Access Mars: Round out your space expedition with a 360-degree virtual tour of the red planet with Google.

Responding to Covid-19

Click on each video to open, then press play.

Responding to Covid-19
President and CEO of Beacon Hill at Eastgate, Jeff Huegli, shares with residents, families, and the Grand Rapids community how Beacon Hill is taking care of its residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Responding to Covid-19
Jeff Huegli speaks to Beacon Hill employees and residents in the spirit of banding together and supporting one another.

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