Words of Encouragement and Gratitude from our residents!


“I am grateful for: 

  • Faith!
  • Living in the United States
  • Living at Beacon Hill
  • My family and friends
  • This beautiful world”

Janette Bezinque

“We were married in February of 1960 and are so grateful for the 60 years of blessings we have enjoyed as a married couple. One of our recent blessings is our move to Beacon Hill at Eastgate. It truly is home with wonderful residents and staff, beautiful and comfortable facilities, delicious dining, and special activities. God is good!” –  Ron & Ann Renfer

“I’m thankful for being able to get up in the morning and being able to enjoy my friends, and being able to do all the crafts that I do. I enjoy my family and just being able to be me.” – Jacque Miller

“I am thankful for the creative and giving staff at Beacon Hill at Eastgate. Whenever a challenge is thrown at them, they respond in very thoughtful ways to continue the community feeling. They continue to offer suggestions on what can be done for entertainment and physical activities from the safety of our apartments. I am also grateful that this pandemic has pushed us to become more interactive with our families who live far away. My sisters have been “Zooming” once a week. Normally we would see each other once a year. It has been a blessing to stay connected. We are blessed!” – Hope Bradley
“I never thought I’d be counting technology to be especially grateful for, but here we are. This year, instead of being together with my grandchildren, we will be getting together on “FaceTime” an application that will allow us to see each other.” – Linda A. Smith
“My family is always first on my list. Since my husband passed away (my good provider) they have been by my side. The transition of selling my home and my home on Lake Michigan was made easier with them by my side. I am grateful to be living here at Beacon Hill. Like I tell everyone, I’m very happy and content.” – Donna Lareau 

“It sounds terribly worldly. I should be talking about all the lovely, loving people who make life worth living, but I am most grateful this year  that my candidate won the election and our country has turned over a new, more loving page of history and we’ll become ourselves again.” – Edith Walker

“We are most grateful for our three children, their spouses, and our five wonderful grandchildren. They were all so encouraging and supportive as we made the big move to Beacon Hill. It wasn’t easy leaving a condo on Lake Bella Vista that we had thoroughly enjoyed for twenty-five years. We moved here the middle of July and have absolutely no regrets. All the staff and residents are so friendly and nice, so we are very happy to be here, even amid a pandemic. Thanks be to God.” – Tom & Erma Keizer 
“I think Beacon Hill is the best place to be at this time of our lives. I am so thankful that I live here” – Ginny Dykema
Active retirement
“I am so grateful to be living at Beacon Hill. Everyone is doing their part in keeping the virus away. The staff is wonderful and seem to love their jobs. The staff and residents are like my new family. And of course I am so grateful for my little Sammy. He keeps me busy and loved. Thank you all.” – Sally Sauer
“We are thankful for: 
1. Our children (2) and grandchildren (6) 
2. Very comfortable and convenient apartment
3. The ability to exercise every morning on the treadmill and other machines
4. The exercises classes led by Shelby
5. Good health
6. God’s faithfulness”
 – Dennis and Jeni Hoekstra 
“I have an expansive list of things for which I like to remind God that I am eternally thankful: ­our family—children, spouses, grand and great grandchildren, friends, years of good health, security and supportive communities. We consider ourselves blessed. We are grateful for the comforts we enjoy and especially the people, directly and indirectly, who make it all possible. It is difficult to put into words that feeling of being cared for and being part of a community that cares for one another. My prayer is that we keep the faith each day. Remember gratitude begets gratitude but also expects a response. Help us each to find suitable responses.” – Polly McCoy

“I am thankful to live in a safe caring place like Beacon Hill. I am truly grateful and appreciative of all the people who work here. Everyone from management on down does their very best to keep us well-fed, informed, and happy. Many thanks to one and all. Happy Thanksgiving!” – Ruth Perry

“We are so very grateful for the staff at Beacon Hill. We would especially like to commend Trenia, our housekeeper, Michael, Maira, Anna, Ruth, and Fred. All have been exceptionally helpful and have gone above and beyond. We are also really grateful for our adorable dog Charlie, who provides us with endless entertainment.” – Don and Nancy Smith

“First, I thank God for all the blessings in my life: my parents for a strong faith and education, my family, late husband, children, grand children and great grandchild coming! My friends, especially at Beacon Hill. We are so cared for at Beacon Hill for which I am most grateful. Thank you so much Beacon Hill staff, employees, for making life so special here.” – Rosie Zant

“Happiness cannot be given. It is found within, nurtured by the natural beauty in our world around us and the good in the people we love and who love us. I am grateful to be living in Beacon Hill. The beauty in the trees and gardens outside, the attractive indoor arrangements and table decorations please the eye. The sharing and caring of residents and friendships formed among us. The smiles and patience of the staff and their willingness to help when needed. I feel safe, well cared for, and content.” – Jean Springer

“Our son said what surprised him most in medical school was not how the body could go wrong, but how it could ever work right! We are thankful in today’s world of so many crises for everything that hasn’t gone wrong. We’re grateful to be members of the Beacon Hill family.” – Dr. Ray and Susan Lovell 

“I am very thankful for the faithful work of Beacon Hill’s employees. They do a great job and I appreciate them! Thank you all!” – Gloria Baker

“I am very grateful for everything Beacon Hill staff is doing to help keep us as healthy and safe as possible! Besides this and many other blessings, I am so deeply thankful that in spite of all of what is going on in the world, God gives me the grace of His Peace. My prayer is that this precious Peace may give strength and comfort to all of us!” – Paula Heule 

“We are grateful for our good health, each other, our children and grandchildren. We are grateful for life. We are grateful to be living at Beacon Hill, in this community, among staff and friends.” – The Stawski’s 

“I am grateful each day for my family and friends who give meaning to my life and joy to my heart. I am so grateful for my good health, security, and God’s love and blessings.” – Donna Magrill

Thank You to Our Staff

These lovely residents wanted to express their gratitude for all the hard work the staff at Beacon Hill has been doing. Thank you to the staff who keeps Beacon Hill running smoothly in a safe and secure environment.

“We are told in the bible to give thanks in all circumstances. Right now, we are living through difficult days. We are thankful for all of you who are doing your best to care for us. Administrative & support staff. Kitchen, servers, housekeeping and custodial crews. We thank all of you. God bless you!”
 – Bill & Carole Korfker 

“I am so impressed by dedicated, safe care we are all receiving here at Beacon Hill. I am so happy to hear there are no cases of the virus here. My apartment is cleaned and she came in Saturday and wiped down the elevators and railings. The servers and cook staff have come through with flying colors. I am thankful for each one of you.”
– Mary Lou Morrow


“It is incredible how quickly all of you came together to provide meals for the residents here at Beacon Hill during this anxious, unsettling time. Thank You! You have calmed our souls! As well as nourished our bodies. These are uncertain times, worldwide. We are very thankful to be here at Beacon Hill in this happy, caring environment and know that God is watching all of us and cares for us.”
– Jerry and Jo Hein


“You have done so many very caring and thoughtful things to keep us safe, healthy, amused and entertained that there isn’t room enough here to even mention them all. I feel safer and more protected here than if I left to be with family or friends. That is an amazing thing! It is all due to all the extra work you are doing and your many kindnesses to us by your actions, your words and your smiles! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Carol Garey

“Since the beginning of coronavirus, I have been impressed how the Beacon Hill staff have responded. Its good to be living here, I feel secure, not worried. I thought the changes were good (visitors, dining, food). By the way, thanks you for letting us guys play table pool. That means a lot!” – Ted Pasma
“They all are doing their best to make it comfortable for us and make it safe and healthy.” – Nan Jager

“My sincere “Thank you” to you, Jeff and your entire staff. You all have done an amazing job. Thanks to the chefs, servers and other kitchen workers. The food has been so good! Thanks to the cleaning staff – you have been so efficient in your job of keeping everything clean and disinfected. Thank you to those who have made this “separation” situation easier to deal with (exercise info, games, activities – that takes creativity!) – A personal thanks to Maira and Terdoo for help with my “techie” incapabilities! I am so grateful to be a resident of Beacon Hill. I feel safe, secure, loved and well taken care of. I thank God for all of you – and may he bless you and all of us with good health and peace of mind.” – Love and prayer, Ruth Penning

To the staff and administrative team,
We are all so blessed that God has given us this beautiful home and staff to watch over us. Seeing all of you putting in extra hours to keep all of us healthy, active and safe is beyond our expectations. From Michael to his dining team, to Domi’s room exercises, to Noel & Rukiya, Maira & Sarah, Ruth, Pastor Travis, cleaning crew, maintenance we are all in awe. From the bottom of our hearts, God bless you. Thank you so much. – Rosie Zant
To the wonderful staff at Beacon Hill,
You are “gold medal winner” for the superb job you are doing to help us stay healthy amid the coronavirus! All of you are going beyond the call of duty on our behalf and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Thanks to all of you. Sincerely and cheerfully, Gloria Baker

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