Spiritual Care

At Beacon Hill, we believe that everyone deserves to be spiritually supported, across all faiths. Chaplain Travis and Chaplain Mary are always available to our residents and staff.

When you need some inspiration, take the time to listen to the readings from Chaplain Travis, or read the blogs below, to further your spiritual care needs.

Continue to check back often for new videos and blogs!

Watch: An Encouraging Word from Chaplin Travis

The Lenten Season

Spring Cleaning for the Soul; Reflections on Lent By, Rev. Howard C. Earle, Jr., D.Min. While writing this blog, I’m watching the snow fall outside the window in my office. Winter still has us in [...]

Christmas Never Gets Old

Christmas Never Gets Old By, Chaplain Howard Earle Christmas is here! The shopping malls are festively decorated, lines are long, and the songs of the season fill the air. I am an unapologetic [...]

The Season of Lent

What to Give Up for Lent (and for life) Lent is the season of spiritual preparation before Easter for Christians. It is a period of six weeks/40 days (not counting Sundays) reflective of the time [...]

Immanuel: God with Us

Immanuel: God with Us On the last Friday in October, the Jamieson family was feeling overjoyed! We had been counting down the months, then the days and we were finally here: baby Abel’s due date! [...]

Trusting Your Rhythms

Trusting Your Rhythms Not long ago, I was watching a late-night talk show that was following the morning routine of actor Mark Wahlberg. His typical morning routine is as follows: 2:30am wakeup, [...]

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