You are in the position of being able to ensure that your neighbors and community members —  residents in our senior living community — can stay in their homes and receive uninterrupted care at a time when they are most vulnerable.

It is a matter of survival.

Anguish hits families who face the unexpected spiraling costs associated with elder care despite their financial planning.

Will you help us meet our goal? We want to raise enough funds to care for three residents for an entire year. Your gift will get to work immediately, going towards meals, nursing care, activities, spiritual care, and the costs of every day living.


A Story of Care and Compassion

When memory support resident Ellen T. needed financial support, the family was panicked by the thought they would have to find another place for Ellen to live.

“We were very fortunate Ellen did not have to move when her ability to fulfill her monthly commitment was disappearing. Those we spoke with at Beacon Hill assured us moving would not be an option but helping her stay in “familiar surroundings” was. Because Ellen was in late-stages of Alzheimer Disease, our greatest fear had been moving her out of her comfortable, familiar atmosphere. Beacon Hill was her home, and the fellow residents and staff at Beacon Hill truly became her family.

The Benevolent Care Fund provided the aid necessary in securing mom’s stay through her final days. We were very thankful for this aid, and not once did Beacon Hill come to us, the children, asking for help in the support of mom’s care.”

Will you donate now?

$100…will provide supplies for engagement and activity

$250…will provide personal care items for one month

$500…will provide a month of meals for a resident.

$1,000…will provide medical care for an Assisted Living resident for one week.

It Feels Good to Give!

In honor of Giving Tuesday, Pathways Senior Movers has come forward to offer matching donations of up to $5,000. That means your generosity goes even farther when you donate during the month of November.

Your donations will be matched, your generosity is multiplied.



YOU Provide Comfort and Peace.

“After retirement, my husband and I both started working again — right here at Beacon Hill. My role was to help new people get settled in here. My husband was a custodian. We both worked here happily for almost eight years, until my husband passed away from Parkinson’s disease one month before our 56th wedding anniversary. After a back surgery, I told my kids I wanted to live at Beacon Hill. Because their dad and I worked here for so long, we all knew how well Beacon Hill takes care of their residents. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else, so it was an easy decision.

That was nine years ago.

I really appreciate the funds. During the Depression, I was young enough to know that my parents would take care of me. Now I know that Beacon Hill will take care of me and that gives me great comfort too.” – Mary K, aged 105

Other Ways to Get Involved

We love having volunteers! We have accepted volunteer help for special events, answering phones, or assisting with crafts and activities. If you have a special skill like playing an instrument or teaching a class, we’d love to hear more.

Fill out the form and tell us what you’re interested in.

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Thank you for your interest in the Beacon Hill Foundation.

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