3 p.m. in the Community House Auditorium.

In this unique and fascinating presentation, experience what it took for a Victorian Lady from the 1890s to get dressed-layer by layer! Beginning with beautiful vintage and reproduction “underpinnings,” watch as each article of clothing is modeled–demonstrating the staggering number of pieces women wore from start to finish! How and why they wore them is revealed, and the progression of women’s fashion throughout the Victorian era is discussed. Find out what amazing “architecture” was worn underneath to give the finished gown its shape and style. Many lovely antique fashions, wedding gowns, and personal items are displayed for guests to see and examine. View actual items that were a part of every Victorian woman’s day. Discover little known facts that will leave you marveling… and thankful that we live today! A spectacular look at life and fashion from a bygone era.

This event is free & open to the public.

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