Please join us on Saturday 7.27.19 at 3pm for the Midwest Alphorn Concert!

Archeological records of the Alphorn in Switzerland date back nearly 2,000 years. Early instruments in the mountainous regions of the Alps were used for signaling and to announce daily activities.

Alphorngruppe “Alpentraum” (German for “Group of Alphorns” and “Dream of the Alps”) are amateur musicians who have come together because of their appreciation for and desire to play the ancient wind instrument.  The group plays 12 foot long instruments pitched in the key of “F” which is capable of only the 16 notes in the Overtone Series.  Their repertoire includes fanfares, marches, dances, peaceful calls to the mountains and even a few humorous numbers. 
Come witness their music, along with their traditional Folk Costumes, and this unique experience with old world European Flavor!


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