Spiritual Care at Beacon Hill presents: Calvin Seminary professor Amanda Benckhuysen – The Gospel According to Eve

Tuesday February 4th, 7:30pm Community House Auditorium.

Throughout history, the Bible has had a significant impact on how Western culture identifies the nature and roles of women in church, home, and society. On the basis of Scripture, women have been denied the right to own property, to choose whom and whether to marry, to get an education, to pursue a vocation outside the home, to vote, to participate in church leadership, and to preach the gospel. But does the Bible actually support these kinds of limitations on women? Did God intend for women to be hemmed in this way? This lecture will take another look at “the woman question,” but this time from the perspective of women themselves. What did women in Christian history think about these limitations? Did they think that this is what God intended for them? How did they interpret the Bible in terms of God’s will for women? And what can we learn from them about gender relations today? Come find out what women from as early as the 14th century discovered when they read the Bible for themselves.

This event is free and open to the public.

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