Complimentary Valet! Come early for coffee in the Garden Café.

Advocates for Senior Issues is a non-partisan association made up of local citizens and organizations interested in the concerns and well-being of older adults, as well as issues that concern our community, our safety, and our happiness. We hope to inform our members and educate our legislators to effect local, state, and federal legislation concerning seniors.

The group meets regularly to:

The group meets regularly to:


Meetings include legislators who speak on current events and answer questions from the group. Experts from many professions are also invited to keep members informed on life changes, new ideas, and the best ways to get things done.


Advocates for Senior Issues members advocate for local community issues as well as state and federal issues. There are presently three active StrategyGroups that are working on Elder Abuse, Health Care, and Long Term Care issues.


Members from their 20’s to their 90’s always find something interesting at meetings. It’s a good place to connect with others of like interests!

Please join us on the 15th at 10am.





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