Community Check-In

We’re in this together! So we’ve been asking neighbors from across the Beacon Hill residential community to answer four questions just to check in with one another. We would love to hear from you too! Please email your answers to: Maira Pizano


  1. How are you feeling about everything that’s been happening recently with the Coronavirus?
  2. What are you doing differently as part of your daily routine?
  3. What words of encouragement can you offer your fellow neighbors and friends?
  4. How can we help support each other?

Click on each name to see their answers. 

Jerry & Jo Hein
  1. Concerned!
  2. Same routine- walking 2+ miles a day, eating meals (breakfast and lunch) in our apartment and staying in touch with our children
  3. “If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land”
  4. Have a time of prayer together
Marion Kuntzman
  1. Thankful for the precautions taken here at Beacon Hill to protect us
  2. Washing hands more frequently
  3. Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
  4. Phone calls, writing notes of friendship, sharing bible verses
Mary Lou Morrow
  1. Very happy with how well things of being taken care of here at Beacon Hill
  2. Sleeping more, now exercising in my apartment
  3. (blank)
  4. Be positive – try to encourage each other
Carole and Bill Korfker
  1. We are glad we are living here and not in our own home. We feel we are being well taken care of
  2. Staying in and doing jigsaw puzzles and reading books! Having our daughter get groceries for us
  3. I put candy on my shelf along with encouraging notes. I shared an inspirational magazine with a resident
  4. I am going to write a thank you card to Ruth Perry for the work in the library. I feel she doesn’t get recognition for her work
  5. *Suggestion: Using evening bistro menu on Sunday noon so there is some variety from other days (hot dog, hamburger)
Ruth Penning
  1. I don’t like what’s happening – but God is in control so I don’t fear. I feel the staff is doing a fantastic job! I salute all of you, many thanks for what you do!
  2. Not as many activities but that’s ok! I plan (hopefully to get some projects done such as organizing pictures, drawers, closets etc.
  3. Stay positive, call friends, find humor, laugh, watch movies, get on Facebook etc. Catch on reading – our library has some excellent books and music!
  4. I suggest the above, have a good positive attitude, be friendly, talk to each other, and smile!
Carol Garey
  1. Scared! Lonely, very pleased with everything Beacon Hill is doing to protect us
  2. Washing hands as directed MUCH more than ever before! Going out very seldom, instead of every day. I am also watching less TV, less news (too depressing and scary) and reading more
  3. “One day at a time”. If you get tired of singing “Happy Birthday” when you wash your hands, try singing a song or saying the Lord’s prayer
  4. Email one another
Jean Kiel
  1. I think Beacon Hill is doing the best job possible!
  2. Staying home and reading more
  3. Chin up, we’ll get through this!
  4. Be there when needed
Ted Pasma
  1. Beacon Hill is doing a fantastic job keeping us all informed! They are making good necessary changes.
Harriet Nelson
  1. Good
  2. Staying home
  3. Don’t panic!
  4. Follow the rules
Ruth Stephens
  1. Thank you for all of your efforts for keeping us safe!
  2. Stay strong! Also, leave it in God’s hands, he is the healer

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