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Take charge of your heart health!

By, Shelby Peterson, Wellness Manager

February is American Heart Month, so what better time to focus our attention on ways to support a healthy heart?

With cardiovascular disease being the number one disease in America, it is important to take charge and understand ways to reduce the risk for heart disease.

Dedicating some time every day to care for yourself can go a long way toward protecting your heart health. Self-care—like moving more, preparing healthier meals, getting enough quality sleep, and taking a moment to de-stress—helps your heart.

You can keep your heart healthy no matter your age, by making small changes in your everyday habits!

How to get started towards a healthier heart and way of living:
• Exercise! Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve heart health. Find movements that you enjoy. Go for a walk, ride a bike, swim some laps. No matter what movement you’re doing, it is so important to lead an active lifestyle.
• Eat a heart-healthy diet. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables and limit foods that might be processed and contain saturated fats and salt.
• Monitor your numbers. Going to the doctor for regular check-ups to monitor health conditions is important. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are all conditions that affect the heart. Monitoring and controlling these conditions properly is important.
• Maintain a healthy bodyweight for your size. Being overweight can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.
• Quality sleep. A good night’s rest is critical. Sleep is beneficial for brain functionality and experts say seniors should get between 7-9 hours each night. Quality sleep leads to a better metabolism, immune functionality, and emotional well-being.
• Find your happy place. Reduce stress factors. Stress can compound many heart disease risks. Take the time to find healthy outlets to relieve stress. For example, a breath of fresh air, a good book, or coffee with friends might all be a good mood boost. Maintaining a positive outlook and taking time to enjoy the little things in life might just be one of the best medicines.

Show your heart some love with these tips!

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