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Great News!

Newly Established Charitable Gift Annuities
Result in Higher Payments

Gifts that pay income — such as charitable gift annuities — are a smart and powerful giving option for supporters who would love to give more but are concerned about having enough income for life.

Through a charitable gift annuity, you can support the ministry of the Beacon Hill Foundation AND receive steady income payments for life.

Now, thanks to an increase in annuity rates, any new charitable gift annuities that you establish will result in even higher payments!

Here is a sample of some of the new rates, as of January 1, 2023

You can establish a charitable gift annuity by gifting cash, stock or other appreciated assets. In exchange, you’ll receive an immediate tax deduction and then fixed payments for life.

To request a personalized proposal for you or a loved one, please contact Andi Allen at (616) 608-8285 or email at

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