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Advice from Senior to Senior

Words of Wisdom From Our Elders

Appreciate these insights from Beacon Hill residents on how to succeed at building a good life and use these as inspiration to ask the same questions of the elders in your life.

It’s often all too easy to live our lives engrossed in our work, overwhelmed by our family demands, keeping up with home maintenance — all the day-to-day life tasks that seem to fill up our days. But, if you make the time to listen to the wisdom from those who have walked before you, you’ll be equipped to handle life and make the most of it better than you ever thought possible.

Recently, our life enrichment team spent time with our residents in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Support reminiscing about their lives, what they wish they knew at an early age, and important life lessons. In their 80’s and 90’s, these residents have experienced a lifetime of lessons from which they can impart their wisdom. While we called this “senior to senior”, geared toward our area high school seniors, there are some great pieces of advice here for people of all ages! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

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