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The Vistas Opens and the Campus is Refreshed and Rejuvenated

Not only did Beacon Hill expand its residential offerings to older adults in the community with The Vistas, it also enhanced and invigorated its 1919 building. That could have been a tricky undertaking as the structural inspiration for the original Beacon Hill independent living apartments was the Tudor-style homes that are peppered throughout the neighborhood. While it remains a defining architectural element, it has been lightened, brightened and streamlined both at The Vistas and throughout the 1919 residence.

Bridget Bohacz is the interior designer who was tasked with not only creating the vibrant, light-filled interiors for The Vistas, but also to “refresh” the original independent living space, which she also designed. According to Bridget, she wanted to move away from the older, bigger Tudor style and make it more contemporary – “a newer, fresher Tudor look.” While still keeping a key hallmark of Tudor – the wood beams – Bridget changed the gold tones in the carpet to more neutral hues of cream, brown and basil green. That color palette was carried through on the wallpaper as well, creating a warm and refreshing take on the original color scheme.

Perhaps the most dramatic transition to a more open and inviting space was the Bistro – the gathering and dining space visitors see upon entering Beacon Hill. Jeff Huegli, the President & CEO, wanted the Bistro to be fresher, lighter and more exciting with a larger selection of food options, including a brand-new Bistro Marketplace, which now offers hot and cold to-go meals as well as a variety of kitchen staples such as fresh produce, milk, cheese, charcuterie accouterments and sweet treats.

Always the heart of Beacon Hill, the Bistro now has a convenient and expanded offering for residents and guests. The Bistro is also featuring new, contemporary lighting as well as comfortable chairs, plus a lot more of them. Because the Bistro is such a pleasant setting for social interactions, the new chairs are more comfortable and just perfect for lingering over morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack.

The sun-drenched bridge that connects The Vistas to the 1919 residence provides a stunning transition between the two. “It’s a destination,” Bridget says, “the light just draws you there. It’s both functional and exciting with original art gracing its walls and new, unusual lighting fixtures which are sculptural art pieces in and of themselves.”

Bridget specializes in senior living interiors, filling the need for interesting and fresh housing options for seniors across the country – work she has been doing for over 30 years. Beacon Hill became the embodiment of Jeff Huegli’s vision of what a contemporary senior community could be. That inspired Bridget initially, when she first began working with Jeff, but continued with her most recent work. She strives to help the dreams that motivated Jeff become a reality with inspired solutions, dedication and attention to detail.

A goal of Bridget’s, no matter the location, is to create senior living communities that are reflective of the architectural styles and design preferences found in each region, community or neighborhood. While each community incorporates solid senior living principles, each community is unique. Bridget fills the community with local flavor. For Beacon Hill, she sought and found local artists, photographers, craftsmen and builders – all of whom contributed to the unique and inviting atmosphere of Beacon Hill.

As if the design of The Vistas plus the refresh of 1919 was not a big enough job by itself, enter COVID. Bridget describes working in the pandemic as “chaotic.” She always strives to purchase high-quality pieces that will last and that are American made but many of those she would routinely use, shut down. Several are located in small towns in the south that couldn’t attract workers and they got behind and could not meet the demand. Supply shortages for smaller parts also complicated work schedules. Scrambling, Bridget was able to find new American sources for both art and furniture that were set up for two-to-four-week shipping. These new suppliers helped tremendously and kept everyone closer to the targeted completion date.

Looking at her design work generally, Bridget strives for harmony, unity and balance with each design solution. “Harmony is achieved,” she says, when all the parts of the community relate and to and complement each other. Unity gives a sense of oneness to the community. Balance places all parts of a space in a pleasing arrangement.” Given the enthusiastic and positive reviews of new and existing residents, their family and friends, plus the staff, it’s clear that Bridget achieved all that she was hoping to.

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