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Real Estate: Flexible, Powerful Giving

Tax-Wise Considerations Before You Sell

Ready to sell your vacation home, rental property, farm land or other real estate? Before you go to market, you may want to consider a tax-wise gift instead.

When you give real estate to the Beacon Hill Foundation, you will profit from a double tax benefit. Receive an immediate charitable deduction for the value of your gift, plus eliminate any capital gains that you would have paid on the sale of appreciated property.

Many people make an outright gift of 100 percent interest in their property. Some just give just a portion. Other people use real estate to set up a giving arrangement that pays them income life.

Regardless of how you give, real estate is a smart, flexible option for supporting the mission of the Beacon Hill Foundation in a big way.

Could real estate be a good giving solution for you? Learn more by contacting Andi Allen by email at or call 616-608-8285.


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