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Top 3 Estate Plan Sticking Points

(And How to Get Un-Stuck)

Most people understand the importance and power of having a completed will or trust in place. Through your will, you can provide for the needs of your loved ones and give meaningful support to the Beacon Hill Foundation and the other causes close to your heart.

But knowing what you need to do, and knowing how to do it are two very different things.

When it comes to finalizing their estate plans, many families get “stuck” for three very common reasons:

1. Disagreements between spouses. Drafting a plan can be a difficult and emotional process — and like so many things in life, it presents countless opportunities for opposing viewpoints.

2. A child or loved one with challenging circumstances. If only there were a cookie-cutter solution for dividing your possessions among heirs! But alas, many families have at least one child or loved one with special needs — and knowing how to best help them can be perplexing.

3. Selecting the person to handle your estate. Who can you trust to execute your will? What experience or skills do they need? Should you turn to a friend or a professional?

For these sticking points and many more, it’s often wise to turn to a trusted advisor who can help you get “unstuck.”

An experienced planner will not only help you identify creative solutions for your unique circumstances, but they will also help you identify a clear path forward. They can help you save taxes, minimize family disputes, provide for a family member with special needs, avoid probate and unnecessary delays and much, much more.

Through the Beacon Hill Foundation’s partnership with Barnabas Foundation, you have complimentary access to this kind of trusted planning support. At no cost to you, a Barnabas Foundation planner will help you develop a God-honoring plan that cares for the needs of your loved ones and furthers the causes that mean so much to you.

To learn more and schedule a conversation with a Barnabas Foundation planner, contact Andi Allen, Foundation Director at or call 616-608-8285.

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