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Mary and Martha Guild

Did you know that one of the reasons why we have such wonderful camaraderie between our Independent and Assisted Living campuses at Beacon Hill is because of the Mary and Martha Guild organization?  Behind the scenes, the hardworking and diligent volunteer residents of the Mary and Martha Guild provide encouragement, fund events, and donate resources for other residents, specifically those at our 1845 campus.

The Mary and Martha Guild at Beacon Hill was formed in May 2014 in order to bring the Beacon Hill at Eastgate campuses together as one community through service and support. A group of interested residents came together and developed a mission statement and plan that would involve as many interested parties as possible.  The mission statement is “to help our neighbors adjust to their new surroundings through communication, fellowship and prayer.”

The Guild is looking for new volunteers and hopes to continue to support the mission of bringing the two campuses together. Individuals and couples can join, with annual membership dues of $25/couple or $15/individual.

Your dues provide:

  • Monthly greeting cards
  • Resident Life activity support
  • Entertainment for Mary and Martha campus residents
  • Prayer partners
  • Welcome packages for new 1845 residents.

Examples of Resident Life activity support provided through the M & M Guild include:

  • Hearthside Book Club®, an evidence-based reading and discussion activity designed for people with memory issues.
  • Interactive Memory Books designed specifically to improve the quality of communication between caregivers and memory-impaired adults.
  • iPads for family interaction during COVID
  • Trips to the Grand Rapids Art Museum for “Gazing at the GRAM”
  • Therapeutic Dolls
  • Prayer Partners –As residents move across our continuum from Independent Living to Assisted Living, the Guild ensures that they stay connected with the friends they’ve made in their time at Beacon Hill through letter-writing, in-person visits, and through prayer.

As we are able, the Resident Life team will work with the Mary and Martha Guild to reignite group activities (e.g. BINGO Fundraiser) to support their mission.  If you are interested in participating and joining the Guild, a membership information meeting will take place in September.  In the meantime, please feel free to email or call 616-608-8285 if you have any questions.  Stay tuned for more information and fun!

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