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There are many testimonies shared by Christians whose lives have been changed as a result of our ministry here at the Beacon Hill Foundation.  If you have ever been blessed by what we do, then consider this fact – those blessings were the result of someone who cared enough to support us in order to ensure that we reached you.  You can return that blessing and provide ministry to others by simply naming the Beacon Hill Foundation in your Will.  It is as simple as stating in your Will that you wish to leave a percentage of your Estate to the Beacon Hill Foundation.

It is vital for everyone to do basic Estate Planning, which includes a Will.  Decisions about who will be the executor for your Estate, who will be the guardian of younger children, who will receive sentimental or treasured possessions, what amount of resources are to be given to loved ones and how you wish to honor the Lord by remembering your favorite ministries in your Estate Plan, is all prayerfully resolved in Christian-based Estate Planning.

If you don’t have a Will, the State has one for you. State laws are put in place in each State to direct what will be done with the assets of an individual who dies without a Will. Unfortunately, the State’s “Will” does not take into account your personal values, Christian commitment, goals, family situation, or needs. A Will allows you to decide who will become the next “steward” of the resources God has entrusted to you.

If you would like help finding a resource to establish your Will or Estate Plan, contact Andi Allen, Foundation Director, at 616-608-8285 or 


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