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Tuition Assistance Award for Career Development

In honor of Mary Kaminskas, a retired Beacon Hill nurse who passed away in 2018, two of our nurses have been awarded tuition assistance for career development. The award is thanks to the generosity of Ed Kaminskas and his family. Mary touched many lives through her work, and was known for her kindness, empathy, and dedication to our residents.

Nursing recipients Jason Fongers and Ashley Hodges were chosen based on their outstanding performance and continued dedication to their work here at Beacon Hill.  Both employees know that teamwork, flexibility, and empathy will be keys to their success.

Jason Fongers:

“My entire adult life has been dedicated to helping people or helping people help people. After working as an EMT-Basic, I obtained my Emergency Paramedicine Degree from the University of Saint Frances in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I worked as a Licensed Paramedic for about a decade before exploring other types of employment in healthcare. I have worked in Emergency Rooms, Urgent Cares, Hospital Telemetry Units and Pharmacies. Having experienced so many different types of healthcare, I was drawn back into nursing. I obtained my CNA and have learned a lot in the nursing field. I joined the team at Beacon Hill and have a leadership role with awesome responsibilities. I know for a fact that I work for one of the best organizations! I have been accepted to the Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) RN program and look forward to completing this degree.”

Ashley Hodges:

“My career goals are to continue to serve as a mentor to future nurses and inspire those in my care. I plan to utilize the skills and experiences that I have gained to further my nursing career, while benefiting the organization. There is always more to learn in health care, and I would like to become a nurse practitioner. By being awarded with these scholarship funds, I will be able to dedicate my energy and focus into being a successful student. This would help take some of the mounting pressures of having to work extra shifts to pay for tuition. I will be able to use the extra time to properly balance work and home life (I have three children in school), while ensuring my success in the GRCC RN program.”


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