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of the Beacon Hill Foundation

Five years ago, the Beacon Hill Foundation was officially launched to bring focus on the desire to ensure all residents feel cared for in all situations.  Many of you have shared the vision and helped the Foundation to grow as our campus has grown in the Eastgate neighborhood.

What does “Cultivating Care and Community” look like after 5 years?

  • Your compassion for others has ensured a growing and sustainable fund to provide benevolent care to residents who experience unexpected financial crises.
  • Your desire to help reconnect families who have been separated on our campus built our ‘Linking Lives’ intra-community bridge.
  • Your commitment to spiritual care established the Russell and Dorothy Watkins Chaplaincy Fund.
  • Your passion for excellent presentations allowed for significant arts enrichment across the community.
  • Your generosity provided care to the service teams and their families who were challenged and stretched during the COVID-19 “stay at home” restrictions.

THANK YOU for igniting the way!  “Cultivating Care and Community” will continue to be our mission.  You belong to this family and we hope that you will continue to share our vision of building on our legacy of care as we grow.

What is next?  “Give me five” more! 

Growing our Legacy Society so that future generations will still benefit from our faith-based values in delivering physical, social, and spiritual care.  Enhancing our campus to fulfill our commitment to total wellness.  Providing an avenue for continuing education assistance to your service team.  Supporting the efforts of Eastgate Engaged to foster collaboration and support a vibrant community in the Eastgate Neighborhood.  Securing an endowment to ensure an enduring chaplaincy fund.

You can do it!  Happy Fifth Anniversary!  Here is my “High Five”!

Warm Regards-

Andi Allen
Foundation Director

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