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Stay Balanced and Nimble

Stay Balanced and Nimble with Nymbl

One way Beacon Hill improves residents’ lives is learning about new innovations to keep our residents stronger and more active. Beacon Hill has access to the latest advancements through an entity called Seamless – a cohort of professionals from local businesses, including Amway, Steelcase and Mercy Health.

Through Seamless, Beacon Hill provides innovative products that help address some of the aggravating aspects of aging – like falling. Anyone at any age can take a fall, however, the chance of falling increases as we age. In fact, more than a third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States and 20% to 30% of them suffer moderate to severe injuries as a result. Because of this, it increases fear of falling, even among those who have not experienced this.

Unfortunately, this fear may lead older people to avoid activities they enjoy such as walking, shopping, or taking part in social activities. The good news is that there are simple ways to prevent most falls and learning a few easy strategies can reduce the chance of falling.

A key strategy in preventing falls is to improve balance, a crucial element of maintaining wellness among seniors. By improving your balance, you are not only reducing falls, but also are much more likely to increase participation in events and become more socially engaged. Even the National Council on Aging states that “Falling is not an inevitable part of aging. Through practical lifestyle adjustments, evidence-based programs and community partnerships, the number of falls among seniors can be reduced substantially.”

Nymbl is a great example of one of the pioneering technologies Beacon Hill provides residents to help them increase balance. Nymbl is a balance improvement system that uses a dual-tasking exercise technique that challenges the brain and body at the same time. Balance is a reflexive movement and Nymbl uses a distraction for the body to adjust itself on its own – reflexively.

How is this done? By distracting the brain with cognitive challenges such as trivia or shape-matching questions, the body is then forced to do the physical component reflexively. The balance reflex needs continuous practice in order to improve overall movement performance. This is done by using a smartphone or tablet device, which a resident can use alone or with a group of people.

Domi Aouad, Wellness Coordinator at Beacon Hill, who is working with residents using Nymbl, says this about the program: “Since we started using Nymbl in November of 2019, there has been a decrease in falls among the user group as well as increased confidence with balance.” She went on to say that Nymbl provides a well-rounded routine that residents actually enjoy. “It doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun.”


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