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Good Friday Devotional

“by his wounds we are healed.”  – Isaiah 53:5

Is “Good Friday” really that good? The innocent One—son of a carpenter and Son of God—was punished like a criminal. Streams of blood dripped off his body as he felt each blow of his accusers’ fists. The crack of the whip pierced his ears as it tore open his back. Jesus experienced unfathomable torture, which climaxed in his death on the cross. So, to call it “Good Friday,” seems unfair to say the least.  

Yet, it was on this Friday, that Jesus rescued his lost sheep. It was on this day that the Father welcomed back his wayward children. It was on this day that the Spirit began restoring our world. Yes, it was a terrible day, but it led to a glorious change. Jesus may have suffered unthinkable cruelty, but he did so because of his immeasurable love. In his death on the cross, Jesus declared his unconditional love and goodness towards each of us.

Good Friday 2020 may not feel good to you because you are staying at home. It is right to lament not being able to gather in community to remember Jesus’ death, but be assured that Jesus continues to declare his unconditional love and goodness to you this day. The power of Jesus love has not stop changing lives. May his death remind you that you are worth giving everything for. God cherishes you and holds you as his child.

Peace be upon you,

Chaplain Travis Jamieson


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