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Why We Love Beacon Hill

What first comes to mind when you hear “Beacon Hill at Eastgate”? For most people unfamiliar with Beacon Hill, it might be that it’s a senior living center, or a continuing care community, or a residence for retired folks. However, Beacon Hill at Eastgate is much more than that. It is home to over 300 residents, a great place to work, and situated within the vibrant neighborhood of Eastgate. Here are some of the things our residents say about life at Beacon Hill.

The Beacon Hill Community

Being part of a community is what residents love most about Beacon Hill. Many of them know that a real sense of community and togetherness is rare; and when you do find it, you cherish it.

Beacon Hill is a welcoming community where everyone feels at home. Upon arriving at Beacon Hill, one can immediately sense the friendliness and feeling of community. Several residents stated, “You will never know the true meaning of what community is until you experience it here at Beacon Hill.”

Residents of Beacon Hill welcome newcomers and are interested in getting to know them better and building friendships with them. Another resident, Flory, stated, “Beacon Hill is full of diverse people with diverse views; and I love the fact that we all get along and respect each other, although we may differ in some ways.”

Meals and Bringing Residents Together

Who doesn’t love food? Well, healthy, expertly prepared food is a hallmark of Beacon Hill. The food is fresh, flavorful and delicious—and many of the fruits and vegetables come straight from the Beacon Hill garden or from local growers and farms. But, truly, the best part about meals at Beacon Hill is the opportunity to meet so many other residents… every day.

Many residents move to Beacon Hill not knowing anyone there. To help new residents feel comfortable during their first few weeks and months, the staff assigns them to different tables to help them meet other residents. The dining staff is involved and spends time seating new residents with people they will easily connect with. The result is wonderful. New residents make new friends and, of course, food always brings people together.

Flory said that when she had just moved to Beacon Hill, “I was so surprised when I discovered that there was already a place saved for me at one of the first dinners I attended.” She later discovered that it is a well-thought-out plan to help new residents meet others. “The method is terrific,” she said. “It is how I was able to meet so many new people. It got me out and about and out of my comfort zone.”

An Abundance of Activities

“You will never be bored here,” our resident Sally said… and it’s true.  Beacon Hill provides all sorts of activities—many that focus on health: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.  There are various wellness classes that not only address physical well-being, but also encourage residents to have fun and socialize with those around them.

There are art classes, musical performances, educational presentations, spiritual lectures, and a wide variety of outings. Several residents stated, “Although I don’t partake in all of the activities, I have the option to pick and choose the activities that I want to engage in.” Another resident, Polly, stated, “I find myself busier than I thought I would be living here. But it is a different kind of busy… a busy I truly enjoy.” 

Here at Beacon Hill, we are committed to offering events and activities that are of interest to our residents. We take time to get to know our residents and the kinds of things they enjoy. Then we gather this information and plan happenings and events that reflect their interests.

Services to Make Life More Enjoyable

Of course, Beacon Hill also provides housekeeping and maintenance services for our residents. “I am spoiled rotten… and I love it,” state our residents, referring to all the services Beacon Hill provides. Our housekeeping staff cleans so that our residents have the time to do things they truly enjoy. Beacon Hill also takes care of other issues that pop up from time to time, such as problems with appliances—or if something goes awry in residents’ apartments. Residents need only contact the maintenance staff to help resolve the problem.


Beacon Hill at Eastgate is also mindful of our residents’ safety. In addition to all the activities and events, services, fine dining, beautiful buildings, and well-maintained grounds, the staff is also committed to keeping residents out of harm’s way. Our resident Carl stated, “I had a hip replacement and was never inconvenienced outside… even when it was 15 below zero. I thank the Beacon Hill staff for prompt snow removal, as I was able to continue my walking sessions outdoors.” Beacon Hill also provides heated, clean garages to ensure residents’ safety and comfort in cold weather.

Pets are also welcome at Beacon Hill. Sally stated, “My dog is a part of my family and I am very blessed to live in a community where he is also welcome.” 

My View

When I think of Beacon Hill, one word comes to mind—family. I love working here. It’s not just the beautiful surroundings, the delicious food, or all of the activities Beacon Hill provides, it’s the sense of family and community and the many friendships our residents form. I have worked for other senior living facilities and have never felt the sense of family and community that is so palpable here.

I love the fact that everyone is genuinely welcoming as soon as you walk through the door. Smiles and good will abound here… with everyone letting you know that you are “at home.”


Written by: Maira Pizano


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