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The Beauty of Serenity

In the midst of March Madness 

To most, “March Madness” signifies the melee of the NCAA Basketball tournament, but I’ve noticed that this phrase is surprisingly being used to encourage us to take action on everything from purchasing new mattresses, buying a new car, or signing up for spring landscape projects. We all have times where we feel that we need to stop the madness … our schedules are full, our responsibilities are weighty, our concerns are great.

Our chapel was recently enhanced by the addition of stained-glass doors. The chapel space is intended to be a place for prayer, reflection, and quiet—a place to escape the madness and find refreshment.  The doors now provide privacy as well as a focal point for reflection. The theme of the new glass artwork is life-giving water.

In the stories of the Bible, water is an ever-present character. From the creation account to Noah and the flood, from Moses parting the Red Sea to baptism, water is there. The Psalmist speaks of streams of water as is pictured in our stained-glass doors—a stream of water that gives life to all it touches. God is always about bringing life to the lifeless. 

The one who is called “blessed” by God, the psalmist says, is like one who is planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers. As the tree is nourished by the water, it bears fruit so that others will be blessed. God nourishes people spiritually so that they can, in turn, nourish others.  (Psalm 1:1-3)

When we walk through the new beautiful doors and into the prayer chapel to seek God, our hearts are open to God’s nourishment in our life. We can leave the madness to be refreshed and renewed in a quiet space.

This wonderful addition to our campus was made possible through the vision of Chaplain Rich Verkaik and the generosity of friends of Beacon Hill.  Resident Sue Weiss worked with the theme to create the design, which was then translated for us by artists Dan and Nate from Pristine Glass.  We are grateful!

by Andi Allen & Travis Jamieson

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