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Achieving Your Personal Fitness Goals

Putting the Fun Back in Fitness

We all know that a well-balanced exercise plan promises numerous health benefits—especially for older adults. The problem is that most people really don’t enjoy exercising, which means they may not get around to doing it as often as they should to reap the benefits. Considering that consistency is key, our Wellness Coordinator Domi Aouad took it upon herself to develop ways to make exercising more enjoyable for all. She’s found that people are far more likely to exercise on a regular basis if it doesn’t feel like exercise. Which prompted Beacon Hill’s initiative to put the “fun” back in fitness.

Meet Dynamic and Dedicated Domi

At 26 years old, Domi Aouad has achieved more than many women her age. She holds an undergraduate degree in Clinical Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Her goal? To provide the residents and staff at Beacon Hill with the fitness and health education they need to be their personal best. To date, Domi has developed and implemented a Wellness Program that offers something for everyone, and has been enthusiastically embraced by all.

The Excellence of Exercise at Any Age – Especially for Seniors

“The human body was designed to move,” Domi explained. Regular exercise offers benefits that go beyond physical conditioning. It also helps improve mood, memory, sleep, immunity, longevity, and even confidence. “What’s really amazing is all the additional benefits seniors get from exercise if they stick with it,” Domi shared. For them, exercise also helps improve balance and coordination, while reducing symptoms of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, hypertension and more.

Better yet, exercise for older adults doesn’t have to be challenging or strenuous to make a positive impact. Seniors can enjoy all the benefits of exercise with a moderate activity level, as long as it’s consistent. Our Wellness Program offers residents well-rounded workouts that help improve flexibility, strength, stamina and balance at a level they can commit to.

Fitness Designed to Be as Individual as You

Domi expressed her overall exercise philosophy in a beautiful statement, “I believe that personal relationships coupled with personal programs equals personal achievement.” Which is why she takes time to get to know the residents individually. Classes are designed to be flexible so they can complement everyone’s personal health goals. Class schedules include a variety of offerings such as balance class, water aerobics, tai chi, and seated chair classes. Also, individual workouts are available for those who are more comfortable with one-on-one education, but most find fitness classes even more fun with friends.

Leading by Example

What’s really amazing is how much the entire staff at Beacon Hill is committed to achieving their own fitness goals as well. Staff exercise classes are offered at times that accommodate their busy schedules. So, whether it’s a morning stretch class, an evening power workout, or a month-long team challenge, everyone can find the time to enjoy the benefits of fun fitness.

Connect with Us

If you would like to take part in our Wellness Program at Beacon Hill, contact Domi by phone with any questions at 616-608-8270, or email her at

At Beacon Hill, we’re not just getting fit … we’re having fun!

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