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Consider The Tomato

The other day, I was in Texas at a roadhouse…eating a burger that was touted as one of the “top 5 burgers” in Texas. Indeed it was. And it wasn’t the burger alone that made it great. What made it great was the tomato on top. Well, actually what was really great about the burger was the tomato on top and the gentleman I was eating it with who sat across from me and said, “Taste the burger. Taste the tomato. It’s the best thing you’ve ever had.” And I had to agree with him. At that moment, it really was—being together, eating the burger, and noticing and enjoying the tomato. It was a great “burger experience.” Definitely top 5.

The thing that’s great about Beacon Hill at Eastgate is that we embrace tomatoes here, too. You see, we grow them right here in our garden. And they’re incredible. They’re fresh and they taste delicious. But we don’t just grow them to grow them. We grow them because they add to the quality of life for our residents. They bring a unique value to our menu. (Not to mention, we save about 40 cents a meal because of our tomatoes…and all of the other produce we harvest.) But I love the tomato, in particular, because it’s just so colorful. It adds life. It adds spice to a meal. And it’s not just how delicious they are…and how beautiful they are, but it’s also the burger or salad they’re served with, and the company at that meal enjoying conversation together…and saying, “Taste the burger. Taste the tomato. It’s the best thing you’ve ever had.”

So…consider the tomato. It’s just one of the things that adds to the overall value of this great community and makes it a distinctive senior living experience. Definitely top 5.

  • Jeffrey T. Huegli
    Jeffrey T. Huegli President & CEO
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