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Access to Your Best Life in Retirement

We’ve been anticipating the launch of our new website and it’s exciting…because it is an opportunity Beacon Hill is taking, not just to share and celebrate the story about the lifestyle that the community offers to the people who live here, but we think of it as almost an evangelical moment. We are going to present the opportunity for the community to learn about us visually and through stories and through what we think is a great value proposition in the long run—for each resident who lives here and anybody contemplating coming here—access to your best life in retirement…as you want it.

Our living environments, the residences, are beautiful. But that’s not really what we’re about. This place is about the community experience. It’s about “indoors,” “outdoors,” and the engagement of our residents—with each other and with the naturally occurring resources that surround Beacon Hill. It’s about the diversity of our people and the color of the neighborhood…business districts…downtown.

You see, the beauty of what we do at Beacon Hill is that we try to find ways to make living in a senior living community “normal”…so that you or anyone experiencing this place can feel like they are just stepping out of their front door into something that they would expect. So, get into our chauffer-driven car and go to the place of your dreams. That place could be the symphony. It could be a pharmacy. It could be just walking around Reeds Lake. Or taking a bike ride through our neighborhood…it’s beautiful. It’s safe. Inviting. It feels like what it is—a great neighborhood in the United States.

So we’ll meet your expectations. We’ll find ways for our concierge services to take you where you want to go…when you want to go there. That’s really what it’s about, you know…being here…living at Beacon Hill…and knowing that you have access to your best life…just as you want it.

Get started by taking a tour of our website. Enjoy the virtual experience, then give some thought to making our community…yours.

  • Jeffrey T. Huegli
    Jeffrey T. Huegli President & CEO
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